Call for Papers 2018 – International Political Sociology

International Political Sociology is one of seven journals supported by the International Studies Association. It responds to the need for more productive collaboration among sociologists, international relations specialists and sociopolitical theorists. IPS offers a meeting place for scholars from all over the world, and strongly encourages transdisciplinary and critical analyses of contemporary global phenomena. Issues of particular concern are those challenges arising from contemporary transformations of social, political, and global orders, especially given that many approaches to international relations reproduce statist forms that marginalize and silence multiple social processes. IPS draws especially on traditions of historical, legal, cultural, economic and political sociology that address global orders and changes, as well as on the cognate fields of socio-political theory, anthropology and human geography. It is committed to theoretical innovation, the decentering of dominant modes of knowledge production and novel approaches to empirical research. Most importantly, IPS is committed to the geographical and cultural diversification of research beyond the usual circuits of European and North-American scholarship.

The journal invites research papers up to 10,000 words in length that take our understanding of international, transnational and global phenomena out of the comfort zone of familiar approaches. Currently we are particularly interested in receiving papers on new developments in postcolonial and decolonial approaches, questions of transversal citizenship, innovative analyses of gender relations, the international re-politicisation of inequality, new debates on the Anthropocene, innovative approaches to critical thinking and methods, re-imaginations of security, and critical engagements with practice theory.

IPS allows for submission in languages other than English. As long as the editorial team can arrange for proper anonymous peer reviews in the language of submission, authors will only be asked to arrange for translation into English when the article has been accepted for publication. Please contact the IPS editorial office——if you would like to know more about submitting in languages other than English.

IPS Contact:
Colin Shaw, Assistant Editor

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